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Transformational Training & Coaching for Business Success

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Why Choose Stacey Greer Transformational Coaching?

Stacey Greer, an expert in leadership development, has revolutionized the coaching landscape with her own innovative STRETCH Model™. This groundbreaking approach drives transformative change through the power of self-awareness and accountability.

Self-awareness is a powerful tool that allows leaders to understand their own thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. It enables them to recognize their strengths and areas for improvement, leading to personal and professional growth and development.


Embracing self-awareness and accountability can enhance decision-making, improve relationships, and foster a deeper sense of compassion and understanding towards others. Additionally, it can lead to greater authenticity and alignment with one's values, ultimately contributing to a more fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

Navigate your inner experiences more effectively.

The STRETCH Model™ provides individuals with a comprehensive set of tools and techniques tailored to their specific needs, enabling them to navigate their inner experiences more effectively. Through guided training sessions, leaders learn how to recognize and manage their emotions, thoughts, and reactions, fostering resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges. By gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, individuals are equipped with the necessary skills to facilitate lasting change.

Beginner Training: Enhancing Self-Awareness as a Leader
In this 3-session (6 hours) training you will learn:

Regular Price: $750

Here's how we can help you:

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Coaching & Training Programs

Introducing our ground-breaking STRETCH Model™ – unrivalled in the industry, designed to empower leaders with the edge they need. We firmly believe that self-awareness and accountability are foundational pillars for personal and professional growth. Embracing these principles not only fosters resilience but also cultivates effective leadership and innovation. Find out how to harness the power of self-awareness and accountability to elevate your leadership journey.


A powerful solution for businesses to develop their leaders is through our workshops. Our experienced facilitators craft custom workshops that target and improve specific areas of development, ensuring maximum impact for the organization. With expert one-on-one guidance, your team will get the necessary training they need to reach their potential.


Discover the Power of YOU!

In Stacey Greer's captivating book, The Power of YOU Unleashed, you can learn about the innovative STRETCH Model™ and how it can help you and your organization reach new heights. 

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What is the STRETCH Model™?

The STRETCH Model™ is a ground-breaking approach to leadership development, offering individuals and teams an opportunity to gain insights into their behaviour patterns and transform them into areas of strength.


This no-nonsense model provides an easy-to-follow framework that encourages individuals to: 

  • Dig deep and explore triggers

  • Identify where there may be a need for development or growth

  • Learn how your reactions are affecting the end results of your experiences

  • Understand that you have the choice to change or to stay the same

The workplace should be a place of innovation, growth and success for everyone involved - when people work harmoniously, we promise, incredible things will happen!

Through this model, you will have a powerful set of tools at your disposal that will help you grow as an individual while building stronger and more effective teams. 

Our team of experts are dedicated to helping you and your leaders reach the highest level of performance. 

Ready to take next steps and create a culture of growth within your organization?


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