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A stack of The Power of YOU Unleashed books

Through the pages of The Power of YOU Unleashed, you will gain access to invaluable resources filled with practical advice and real-life examples. 

Upcoming Events

  • Thu, Nov 16
    Red Deer Resort & Casino
    Nov 16, 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. MST
    Red Deer Resort & Casino, 3310 50 Ave, Red Deer, AB T4N 3X9, Canada
    Nov 16, 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. MST
    Red Deer Resort & Casino, 3310 50 Ave, Red Deer, AB T4N 3X9, Canada
    In this workshop, facilitated by Stacey Greer, you will learn practical tools and techniques to help you increase self-awareness and personal accountability so you can take your leadership to the next level!

How We Can Help You

Our experienced team of professionals will provide you with tailored coaching and training solutions that can help you reach your goals effectively, efficiently, and sustainably. 


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Individual & Family Services

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Speaking Engagements

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What is the STRETCH Model™?

The STRETCH Model™ has been designed to harness the power of self-accountability to transform business leaders, organizational cultures, individuals, couples, and families by teaching a proven set of skills and tools through our STRETCH Model™ Coaching and Training Programs.

How does this differ from other coaching models out there? Other models are designed to meet you where you are. The STRETCH Model™ is designed to dig deeper to find the patterns that were created in your past that have brought you to where you are. These new insights will enable you to learn from your past and figure out how to move forward.

  • Increased efficiency and cost savings

  • Success as a result of meeting deliverables in a timely manner

  • A culture of accountability where people hold themselves and others to their commitments 

Benefiting Businesses

  • Self-awareness

  • Sense of accomplishment

  • Deeper understanding of what it means to yourself and others to uphold your commitments and hold yourself accountable to doing what you say you're going to do

Individuals & Families

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What Clients Are Saying

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Karyn De Mol - Business Owner & Author 

“I had the pleasure of working with Stacey who made me feel at ease and helped me get clarity around some blocks that were holding me back from moving forward in my business and my life. Stacey’s STRETCH Model™ workbook helped me to keep on track and identify exactly what my blocks were which then enabled us to work through them to make the adjustments required. I can recommend Stacey to anyone who is looking to upgrade their life to achieve their dreams.”

Ryan Finlayson - CEO & President

"I would definitely recommend if you are looking for deeper discovery and transformation. Myself and our organization have always benefited from Stacey's programs, but the individual attention of the STRETCH Model™, and the self-discovery that comes with it, is very much worth the price of admission. If you would appreciate the deeper meaning of your subconscious programming, then this is the model for you."

Stacey Greer - Ryan Finlayson

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Stacey Greer holding her book, The Power of YOU Unleashed

Stacey Greer is the creator of the STRETCH Model™ and author of the book, The Power of YOU Unleashed. 

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