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Don't delay, save your relationship TODAY!

Imagine being able to communicate and connect with your partner on a deeper level, free from negative emotions and intense conflict. With our training programs, this will become a reality for you.

  • Emotional Blocks Training for Couples

  • STRETCH Model Training for Couples

Hi there!

My name is Stacey Greer. I am a Relationship Transformation Coach and the best selling author of, The Power of YOU Unleashed. My mission is to help as many couples as I can STAY HAPPILY TOGETHER FOREVER. That's why I am offering my two most popular relationship programs at an EXTREME DISCOUNT. 

There are too many messages online right now that say, "If your partner is an avoidant run." "If your partner doesn't communicate with you, know your self worth and run."

No! No! No!

There is a way to keep your relationship together and transform it into something that is better than you ever could imagine! This has been the outcome for ALL of my clients and it can be for you to. It even works for those people who say, "nah, it won't work for me."  (you know who you are :))

If you are wondering how to get your relationship back on track, connect with me by booking a Discovery Call. It's FREE and I would love to hear from you!

Emotional Blocks Training for Couples

In this 3-session (6 hours) training you will learn:

Regular Price: $750
Sale Price: $250
Sale ends February 28, 2024
(limited space available)

Take action today and start building the foundation for a healthy and loving relationship by signing up for our Emotional Blocks Training. You deserve happiness, love, and fulfillment in your partnership. Let us help you achieve it.

STRETCH Model Training for Couples

In this 15 session (30 hours) training you will learn:

Regular Price: $5,250
Sale Price: $2,500
Sale ends February 28, 2024
(limited space available)

Discover the 5-day STRETCH Model training – a transformative journey for couples seeking to deepen their connection. Embark on an immersive experience to uncover your deepest desires, break down emotional barriers, and gain profound insights into each other's emotions. Elevate your communication skills, nurture love and kindness in the face of challenges, and forge unbreakable trust through open, heartfelt dialogue. Embrace your true selves, hold yourselves accountable, and reignite the spark of passion. Are you ready to STRETCH beyond boundaries and create an unshakable bond?

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Make Relationship HAPPINESS Your PRIORITY!

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