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I Can Do Anything For 7 Days

I Can Do Anything For 7 Days

We are all capable of profound change in our lives if we truly commit to taking focused, consistent action for a sustained period of time.

This book is designed to help you create lasting change in your life by taking small, consistent actions for one week. It's simple! Pick one area of your life and for seven days, commit to taking one specific action that you believe will move you closer to your goals.

What's Inside:

  • Words of encouragement explaining how small changes can lead to big results
  • An outline of the four Areas of Focus and examples of small actions you could take to support each area
  • 52 weeks of Choice Trackers to help you plan out and track your weekly action step to move you toward achieving your goals
  • A yearly tracker so you can track the days you complete your action step and have a quick visual of your progress throughout the year

See how your life can change in just 7 days! You've got this!

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