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The Power of Forgiveness: Letting Go of Grudges

Written by Stacey Greer | February 28, 2023

Two women with arms crossed looking upset.

Letting Go is Possible

We’ve all been hurt at some point in our lives, whether it's by our loved ones, a friend, or even a person we don't know. It’s easy to stay stuck in the past, holding onto painful feelings. But what if we could practice letting go and finding a path forward from our pain? What if we could find a sense of peace through forgiveness? We assure you, letting go of these negative feelings is possible.

The Truth About Forgiveness

What Forgiveness is Not

Forgiving someone isn’t about making excuses for their behaviour; rather, it’s about having compassion for others, understanding that they are only human and that they make mistakes. When you forgive someone, you free yourself up to focus your energy on more important things in life —like your own physical health, well-being, and personal growth. Once you realize this, you no longer have to worry about why something happened; instead, you can accept the wrong from the past and focus on moving forward with your life.

Forgiving Doesn't Mean Forgetting

Additionally, forgiving someone doesn't mean that you have to forget or ignore what happened or the affect it had on you; rather, it means being able to look back on the past situation without feeling anger towards the person who did you wrong. This is part of the healing process, and gives you the ability to gain perspective on the situation and learn from it so that you can create peace in your present life and make better decisions in the future.

Forgiveness is an Act of Kindness

Finally, forgiving someone is an act of self-love because it allows us to let go of negative energy and embrace positive feelings instead. Holding onto anger and resentment prevents us from living our best life in the present moment because those negative emotions take up space in our minds and hearts that should be filled with joy and love. By letting go of the past and forgiving those who have left us hurting, we take back control of our emotions and free ourselves up to live life more fully and happily moving forward.

Forgiveness Means Letting Go, But How?

Sounds good, right?! So how can we transition from these painful feelings to healing and letting go? Read on…

A man appears to be blaming a woman for something by pointing at her, in turn making the woman look emotional.

What Type of Grudge Holder Are You?

Did you know that there are different types of Grudge Holders? Think about a grudge you may be holding or have held in the past. What was your reaction? Did you blame the other person? Or maybe you avoided them or secretly held resentment toward them? Did you have expectations for an apology but never received one? Perhaps you just went on pretending everything was fine even though you were feeling pain, anger, and other negative emotions inside.

The five types of grudge holders by Stacey Greer.

5 Types of Grudge Holders

As you may have guessed, the five types of Grudge Holders are The Blamer, The Avoider, The Resenter, the Expecter, and the Pretender. Do you know which type you are? Maybe you’re a combination of two or more of them. Depending on your level of self-awareness, the results may surprise you. As always, no matter which Grudge Holder type you're dealing with, we’re here to help!

We’ve designed our Grudge Holder quiz to tell you exactly what your current grudge-holding patterns are! Simply take the quiz and receive an email with your personalized results within minutes. We will help walk you through the steps you can take to let go of those grudges and become The Forgiver instead.


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