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An open letter from a STRETCH Model™ Graduate on mental health awareness and seeking help when needed

Written by Stacey Greer | January 2023

Three people sitting in chairs, with one person holding the wrist of another in a caring way.

January 25 is Bell Let’s Talk Day in Canada. This is a mental health initiative launched by Bell in September 2010 focused on fighting the stigma, improving access to care, supporting world class research, and leading by example in workplace mental health.

A graphic from #BellLetsTalk that says "1 in 2 people struggling aren't getting the help they need. Let's change that."

What We're Doing

At Stacey Greer Transformational Coaching, we understand the impacts that trauma and life circumstances can have on individuals, and we’re here to help. The STRETCH Model™ teaches specific tools to help people take charge of their life by digging deep into their emotions, behaviours, and triggers as they work to create the life they want to live. However, we know that working with a coach is not always enough, and that’s ok. We believe that mental health and self-care should be a high priority for everyone, and we encourage anyone that is struggling to reach out and talk to someone to get the help they need.

One of our recent STRETCH Model™ Graduates reached out to us, wanting to share his open letter with everyone. Please read on to hear what he has to say.

An Open Letter from a STRETCH Model™ Graduate

To: Everyone

A trip down the rabbit hole of mental illness is often a slow but steady one. Most of the time you never even realize you have stepped into it. Sometimes it starts off with an excuse like, “oh, I’m just tired, I haven’t slept well this week,” when really, it’s been weeks. Or “the job (or kids) is a bit stressful, but it's ok, I can handle it.” If this sounds familiar to you, now is the time to talk to someone. Tell them what is happening and how you are feeling. Oftentimes, it’s hard to open up to those closest to you. You may hear, “oh, don’t worry, it will pass, it’s something we all go through,” or “you’re strong, give it some time, and it will get better.” If this is the case, go see your doctor. Your doctor can and will listen to you, offer advice and, if needed, get you the help required.

I felt I needed to share this with you as someone who has been through this experience. Years of being the tough guy who could handle anything, even numerous concussions sustained during the many years of full-contact sports and three serious accidents. Let me tell you, NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING, can prepare you for the darkness which envelops you and smothers you, leaching your soul. Self-medicating DOES NOT work, and self-help books are not always enough. Now, think of all the sports, Hollywood, and musical celebrities we have lost in the past 10 years, let alone the tens of thousands of “regular” people, to addictions and suicide - the last resort of desperate cries for help. How many would still be with their loved ones today if they had turned to someone early and spoken these three words: “I need help.

I was fortunate during that time to have someone who cared enough about me to guide me to the help I needed. It has been a long journey back, and even though life still throws some serious curveballs my way, I can now smile, laugh, and enjoy my life and my family. If only one person reads this and feels the courage to reach out to someone for some help, then my job is done. How powerful three words can be. If you still think you can’t reach out to anyone, even your doctor, then PLEASE, PLEASE, practice these words in front of a mirror, until the person in the mirror believes it: “I NEED HELP”


Paul J Battle


If you are in crisis, please go to the closest hospital or call 911.

Disclaimer: The information provided in or through or shared by Stacey Greer Transformational Coaching is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for the professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by your own medical provider or mental health provider.


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